aerodynamics of mm tank round

  • Howitzer Rounds

    Abbreviations: APC: Armor Piercing Capped, a large solid round for armor penetrating, with a ballistic cap to improve aerodynamics and increase speed.

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  • Tank ammunitions of WW2: overview Historical

    Aug 05, 2013· All such rounds were used in classic rifled bore tank guns, from 20 to 155 mm in tanks and ... Tank ammunitions of WW2: overview. ... somewhat good aerodynamics ...

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  • An Introduction To Collecting Artillery Shells And Shell ...

    An Introduction to Collecting Artillery Shells and Shell Casings. ... (120mm TP-T round for the M1A1 tank ... to improve the aerodynamics of the ...

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  • Dispersion Analysis of the XM881 Armor-Piercing,

    Dispersion Analysis of the XM881 Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) Projectile by Thomas F. Erhe and Man IF. Hathaway

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    • 75 mm Gun M2/M3/M6 Wikipedia

      The US 75 mm gun tank gun ... The primary round ... a plain uncapped armor-piercing round whose performance dropped off as range increased due to poor aerodynamics.