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  • Tennantite: Tennantite mineral information and data.

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    Multi-faceted, rounded variety of tennantite from the Lengenbach deposit, Binn valley (Switzerland). Bismuthian Tennantite: A bismuthian variety of tennantite.

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  • Arsenic and antimony in water and wastewater:

    Arsenic and antimony in water and wastewater: Overview of removal techniques with special reference to latest advances in ... as a non-ionic specie and ...

    • Published in: Journal of Environmental Management · 2015Authors: Gabriela Ungureanu · Silvia C R Santos · Rui A R Boaventura · Cidalia Affiliation: Faculdade De Engenharia Da Universidade Do PortoAbout: Arsenic · Water treatment · Antimony · AdsorptionInquire Now
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      antimony; astatine; A metal ... because these materials provided people with tools of unsurpassed properties both in war and in their preparation and processing.