Vol 6 2014Volume 6 2014

-A fi ne way to make paper safely
-Forestry industry called to stand in the gap
-The whole package
-Wired for waste

Vol 5 2014Volume 5 2014

-“Jumper” Joe shares his story (and words of wisdom)
-EA survey of the effect of printing inks and adhesive resins on the recycling of paper
-Entrenchment of faecal and sewage sludge and possible benefits for the timber industry
-Science as a foundation for sustainable packaging

Vol 4 2014Volume 4 2014

-Konecranes hoists Ngodwana to new heights
-Grit, determination and support take a trainee to superintendent
-Fibre Line #3 adds new arrow in Sappi Ngodwana’s quiver
-Solving the maths problem with paper

Vol 3 2014Volume 3 2014

-Energy efficiency through strategic energy management
-New BlackBelt E shoe press belt: E stands for extreme performance

Vol 2 2014Volume 2 2014

- How important is Paper Machine Building Ventilation?
- Mill experience with an energy saving laminar design screen basket in the paper machine approach system.
- SKF Maintenance improves mean time between failures and increases overall equipment effectiveness.
- The all-rounder for packaging papers.

Vol 1 2014Volume 1 2014

- Strategy can overcome the R120 price tag on carbon emissions
- Application of Mahalanobis-Taguchi method as an optimisation tool for multi-product production process
- Assessment of digester additives in Sappi R&D.
- Mill Experience with Metso's New Low Consistency Refining Concept OptiFiner Pro