Vol 6 2013Volume 6 2013

- TAPPSA holds successful Omni paper machine operations course.
- Smart Energy Solution for Paper Manufacturing Industry in South Africa.
- 2013 TAPPSA National Conference & Exhibition.

Vol 5 2013Volume 5 2013

- Water savings in your waste treatment plant.
- Change the way you spray to minimise clogging.
- 60 years of service to South Africa's pulp and paper industry.
- Energy savings through a new vacuum system concept.
- How to improve paper strength properties, surface and machine runnability.

Vol 4 2013Volume 4 2013

- Second Hands-on papermaking course held successfully at CSIR, Durban.
- Managing your energy usage with ISO 50001
- Getting a nation to talk tissue.
- Application of membrane filtration to the closure of white water systems in newsprint mills.
- Retention and drainage programme delivers eROI.

Vol 3 2013Volume 3 2013

- FLSmidth installs gas suspension absorber at Mondi Richards Bay
- Sappi serious about energy co-generation and saving
- Heterogeneous acid catalysed biodiesel production from tall oil: a low grade and less expensive feedstock.
- Catalytic Valorisation of biomass to chemical products using thermochemical conversion process.
- Improving the wet tensile strength of recycled paper by increasing its bond capacity

Vol 2 2013Volume 2 2013

- Products, Sets and Applications - ScreenFitâ„¢ Innovations
- Photovoltaic power: ART Solar lights a path into the South African market
- Blending impact of softwood pulp with hardwood pulp on different paper properties
- Effect of dilute acid and mild alkaline treatment of lignocellulosic material on the lignin-carbohydrate complexes

Vol 1 2013Volume 1 2013

- A greener alternative for improving strength in recycled packaging
- Securing the future of OCC
- Clariant's new products improve the productivity of paper manufacturing making it faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
- Application of linear programming models to optimise pulp stock production process