Vol 6 2012Volume 6 2012

- 2012 B.Tech. presentations reflect industry highs and lows
- Continuous conditioning of forming fabrics with high pressure showers
- Recapping 2012 for PAMSA's Process Research Unit
- Saving water and reducing costs of waste water recycle reverse osmosis system

Vol 5 2012Volume 5 2012

- Recycling reaps rewards
- Two-pattern combining in the reel deckling problem

Vol 4 2012Volume 4 2012

- Applying a water pinch analysis technique to reduce the water consumption at a paper mill
- Fighting costs at all levels, making your tissue mill profitable for the future
- Optimising order splits and run lengths in the reel deckling problem

Vol 3 2012Volume 3 2012

- A novel concept for monitoring AOX and DOC removal during Felton treatment of bleached kraft pulp mill effluents
- Dynamic pattern generation for the reel cutting stock problem
- Pulling the plug on the digital versus paper debate
- Screen baskets utilising laminar design wedge wire technology
- Six spray strategies to reduce water consumption

Vol 2 2012Volume 2 2012

- Compact linear programming for the reel cutting stock problem
- Development of future oriented clothing through Press Nip Simulation
- Dual fluidised bed design for the fast pyrolysis of biomass
- Using structured experimental design techniques to determine the most effective variables for the control of the de-inking of mixed recycled paper grades