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Feedback from Wastecon 2010

Ursula Henneberry and Iain Kerr

We have heard of the carbon footprint. The WWF is now focusing attention on water footprints and an interesting statistic which was reported recently by them is the water footprint of one cup of coffee, which is about 150 litres. So don’t take your coffee lightly when next you have a cup of the stimulating caffeine-loaded beverage. The Wastecon 2010 conference, held at Emperors Palace in Gauteng in from 4 to 8 October 2010, had the theme “What is your waste footprint”. To confuse us even more there is also the ecological footprint which is how many planets are needed to sustain our current levels of consumption. I suspect that ultimately we will need to combine all of these various footprints into a combined footprint for our industrial operations, our environmental footprint.

Papers presented during the Watecon 2010 conference were categorized into the following themes:
- Waste minimization and recycling
- Legislation and service delivery
- Landfill design and operations
- Landfill gas extraction and CDM
- Waste to energy projects and opportunities
- e-waste collection, recycling and disposal
- Social issues related to waste management

Please note that this is only the abstract of the published technical paper. For the complete paper, please become a subscriber to the TAPPSA Journal.

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