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Family day 2009

The weather was great, the food outstanding and it was all for free. Invites were posted at the three big mills in Springs and the venue was conveniently situated close to all three. In a time of ‘recession’ when companies are touting retrenchments and moral is low, this was an event planned to ‘give something back’.

In a province where people complain at every opportunity about their rushed and busy lives and the lack of time for family, this was an ideal opportunity to introduce your family to your work colleagues and spend the day in leisure.

Family Day

The lamb, curry and oxtail potjies went down a treat and a big thank you to our cooks of the day, Hennie Alberts, Henriette Alberts and Susann Pienaar.

Voith Paper sponsored the kids face painter and balloon sculptor and kids and adults alike lined up to be transformed into spiderman, tigers and fairies. South African Paper Chemicals kindly sponsored the kids mini Olympics and jointly sponsored the venue with Mondi Packaging South Africa - Springs Mill.

Mums, dads and kids were on the jumping castles sponsored by Tongaat Hulett Starch and the ice-cream, sponsored by Idwala elicited squeals of delight even from shivering kids who braved the pool.

Jumping Castle

If all present had such a wonderful day and left the event with kids drained of energy after all the excitement, why is it that only 4 employees from the major mills in Springs attended this event? The majority of attendees were suppliers keen on treating their customers, if only they had attended.

The attendance of course begs the question, what should we do next year?


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