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Devden introduces a new German Principal, PAMA GmbH., for quality machine re-builds.

Established in KwaZulu-Natal in 1982, Devden has a long service history with the South African pulp and paper industry. Added to the company’s recent offerings, i.e.the new Autoline and PulpTester from Lorentzen & Wettre and the latest range of centrifugal cleaners from IBS Pulp and Paper Group, and shoe-press belts from Ichikawa Inc., Devden has also secured the representation of European machine builder, PAMA.

PAMA was established as an iron foundry in 1855 and soon became heavily involved in the production of pulp and paper machinery. The company was established in the German state of Saxony between Berlin and Dresden, in what was to become the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany. Whilst under restrictive Communist rule from 1949 to 1990, East Germany suffered a major technological- and brain-drain as Russia seized industrial equipment for war reparations and skilled workers fled to the more prosperous West Germany. It was during this period that PAMA was forced to perfect its skills and knowledge of the older pulp and paper machinery “left behind”. The company soon became experts on maximising old machinery to obtain first-rate products.

With the Berlin Wall long since demolished, PAMA was acquired by Austrian company KRESTA in 2006 and have since formed a strong team in the construction of pulp and paper facilities. Locally, KRESTA has firmly established its credentials in South Africa and was recently involved in the SAPPI Saiccor Amakhulu expansion.

Since its acquisition of PAMA, KRESTA has injected millions of Euro into the company in the form of new CNC equipment, CAD systems, paper analysis devices and an R&D experimental centre. This has expanded PAMA’s supply of technological solutions to include paper machines with speeds of up to 1200 m/min, special paper machines (e.g. for the manufacturing of bank notes, wallpaper, laminated paper, and paper containing synthetic fibres), machine components, rebuilds and unique solutions from the approach flow system to the reeler. Annual sales for PAMA now reach in excess of 20 million Euros.

This financial injection, complimented by PAMA’s special history, gives PAMA a unique advantage when re-building older machines. With this in mind, PAMA has identified UK and South Africa as key markets where their skills and services can best be applied. Both countries have a number of older paper machines that stand to benefit from the company’s experience and expertise, and will serve as important building blocks in PAMA’s imminent expansion plans.

It is testament to PAMA’s solid service and history that PAMA has been able to busy itself in the middle of a recession with the recruitment of highly skilled staff in order to bolster this planned expansion, when many other companies face down-sizing.

Devden look forward to representing PAMA, as their sole agents for sub-Saharan Africa. With PAMA’s extensive technical skills and know-how and Devden’s well established credentials in the region it is anticipated that PAMA will soon be a household name in re-builds and upgrades of existing paper machines in Southern Africa.

Improving quality with the AutoLine 400 Profiler and PulpTester

AutoLine 400

Devden have also introduced Lorentzen & Wettre’s latest AutoLine 400 Profiler and Pulp Tester to Sub-Saharan Africa.

The L&W AutoLine 400 Profiler overcomes the challenge faced by mills around the world to measure the immense information stream of a paper machine in an efficient and profitable way. It is designed to test your paper in accordance with industry standards, regardless of your manufactured grade. Samples are cut directly from the reel in a uniform manner using the L&W Profile Sample Cutter. The sample’s identity controls the preset test sequence and report format. Once the operator has confirmed the sample’s identity, the sample is fed into the system and test results from each testing module are speedily available in real time.

The L&W AutoLine 400’s speed of testing (a complete CD-profile with 20 measuring points from an 8 meter wide web takes approximately 8 minutes) combined with its transfer functions will enable the mill to integrate the quality measurements directly into the mill network systems and thus optimise performance.

The return on investment for the AutoLine 400 is estimated at 1 to 2 years, with its modular design ensuring low expenses for consumables, spare parts and maintenance.

Where the L&W AutoLine 400 is based on speed and efficiency, the new L&W PulpTester is based on the premise that quality control ensures success and saves money and that quality begins with pulp testing. For one, the optimisation and control of pulp quality based on frequent pulp quality analysis saves more than 5% of refiner energy consumption, providing fast return on invested capital.

The new L&W PulpTester provides internal consistency measurements for mechanical, chemical, recycled and deinked pulp. A few of the measurements available from the system are as follows:
- dewatering
- shives
- optical and gravimetric consistency
- brightness, whiteness and colour
- estimated residual ink content (ERIC)
- fibre length and width
- near infra-red spectroscopy (NIR)
- Canadian Standard Freeness and Schopper-Riegler

New range of transparent and ceramic centrifugal cleaners

Devden has also begun supply of a new range of equipment and parts for centrifugal cleaners from one of the company’s other established Principals, Austrian company IBS Pulp and Paper Group. There are two main product ranges available:

a) A range of products called XLPcones, developed and manufactured in South Africa and sold through the global IBS network. These are made of clear synthetic materials with special anti-wear properties with the added advantage of being transparent. The transparency allows the user to easily monitor performance and avoid unplanned down-time due to blockage or damage.

b) A range of ceramic components, for almost all types of centrifugal cleaners where extra wear-resistance is required.

Quality commitment

Devden’s motto has always been “ QUALITY... ON TIME !” and with the top class technical support and excellent products from our Principals we are proud to be able to live up to it, in the demanding industry of Pulping and Papermaking in Southern Africa.

For more information on Devden’s exciting growth, contact Devlyn Fraser, Herman de Bruyn, or visit Or you can visit the following websites for further information on the listed products and manufacturers:
Lorentzen & Wettre -
IBS Pulp and Paper Group -

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