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Mondi Richards Bay puts waste energy to use

Putting to use previously wasted heat from a production process will save Mondi South Africa a staggering R22-million a year at their Richard’s Bay Kraft mill - an achievement which has seen the company nominated as a finalist in the 2009 Eskom eta awards.

Winner in the eta awards Industrial category for their energy saving project, Mondi instituted their money saving changes after conducting a thorough energy use and application analysis of in-house generated thermal waste. The resultant R50-million project has seen the company save R22 million a year, mainly in coal costs. A major environmental benefit has been a 22% reduction in their carbon footprint.

“We analysed our processes where there was heat wastage and we identified the major places where we could recover the majority of this heat,” said Mark Miller, Head of Energy for Mondi South Africa.

The project team, which involved an expert in heat recovery supported by process engineers, was tasked with not only identifying potential recovery areas, but also optimising the reuse of the waste heat generated in the plant.

“The project was an innovative one in terms of identifying where the heat was available and then matching that to areas where it could be reused. It had to interface with a continuous pulp and paper process,” said Miller.

“This was a significant project in both engineering and energy efficiency terms,” said Dr Steve Lennon, MD of Eskom Corporate Services,” involving as it did a major mill that had to remain operative while the processes and installations required were planned and built.

“The project team displayed the skills that have helped elevate South African engineering to world-class status. They are worthy winners for the eta award in the Industrial category.”

Jacob Maroga & Mark Miller
From left to right : Jacob Maroga, CEO of Eskom Holdings and Mark Miller of Mondi Richards Bay, winner of the 2009 eta award Industrial category

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