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Materials handling

Leaving the industry reeling

The Meclift range of variable reach trucks, designed for the efficient handling and loading of paper reels and sawn timber in and out of trucks and railway carriages, is available from Big Lift Trucks, specialists in materials handling systems.

“MecLift variable reach trucks, which have a lift height of 6 m, are also able to drive into freight containers or reach out into a container for easy loading and unloading of paper reels. This cannot be achieved by conventional forklift trucks,” says Clinton van den berg, products manager for Big Lift Trucks. “These compact and robust reach trucks increase efficiency and safety during paper and timber handling and also reduce operating times. Safety on site is significantly improved.”

MecLift ML 906R reach trucks have a 9 tonne lifting capacity and as they are powered by a diesel engine, they are economical to run and require minimal maintenance. The lift carriage has an hydraulic side shift for accurate and effortless positioning.

By extending, lifting and lowering horizontal booms, paper reels can be safely handled at a distance from the cabin. This cabin can be raised or lowered to provide the driver with improved visibility in all situations. Other safety features include service, parking and emergency brakes.

Another important feature is that fork positioning can be altered from inside the cabin, without the operator having to get out to manually adjust the gap between the levers. Forks are available in different lengths, widths and thicknesses according to exact requirements. These robust reach trucks can also be equipped with clamps for improved efficiency in paper reel handling.

Optional accessories consist of an automatic stability control and display, air–conditioning units and cameras for extra visibility.

The MecLift ML 1200RP variable reach truck is also designed for the efficient handling of large size paper reels. This unit has a telescopic twin boom configuration that is integrated to a multiple arm with a rotating clamp. The clamp is attached to a beam between the two arms by means of a hydraulically operated pivot arm, enabling tilt movements.


An important feature is the open front end which allows the booms to be retracted when carrying a paper reel in a vertical position between the front wheels. This reduces the wheel loadings significantly with a full load. The tricycle wheel design, with a hydrostatic drive, provides exceptional manoeuvrability and enables work in narrow aisles, less than 5m in width.

This reach truck is capable of lifting an 8 tonne load to a clamp centre height of 5m and has an outreach distance of 1.85m.

Big Lift Trucks, which supplies a range of specialist materials handling equipment to diverse industries throughout Africa, also offers a technical advisory, spare parts and support service. Operator training and a condition monitoring service for equipment are also provided.

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