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Influence of base paper formation on the properties of coated paper

Sanjay Tyagi and A. K. Ray .

Formation is one of the most important aspects of paper quality as it has an effect on practically all the other properties of paper. In the present study, laboratory trials were conducted to study the effect of formation on both base paper and coated paper made from hardwood /bamboo furnish and recycled fiber furnish. The results indicates that under the similar condition of sheet making, base paper made from hardwood/bamboo furnish showed better formation than base paper made from recycled fiber furnish. Improving the base paper formation gave better sheet strength and optical properties. For coated sheets, the results were almost unequivocally positive as paper gloss, print gloss, print density, brightness and smoothness all improved with improving formation. However, the values of all properties were found to be lower for base paper made from recycled fiber furnish due to its initial poor formation.

formation, base paper, coated paper, smoothness, print density

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