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Fixed Pattern Multiples in cutting stock rolls of foil, film or wrap.

Diegel, Adolf (corresponding Author)
Cutline Research, 66 Edmonds Road, Durban 4001.

Diegel, Olaf
Auckland University of Technology, Auckland NZ.

Edouard Montocchio, Sias van Schalkwyk
Mondi Business Paper South Africa, Durban and Richards Bay.

Leo Wintrich,
Treofan Filmproduction, Neunkirchen.


A jumbo roll is to be slit into narrow rolls of the same diameter. These are rewound on a second machine to a lower diameter which exactly fits the jumbo's, while also being slit into the final reel widths on order.

Thus we go beyond the classic problem of fitting orders into cutting patterns, to fill demand with minimal stock: patterns must have that fixed multiple which comes off the primary machine. This may increase stock usage and entail surplus on some orders, deficit on others.

We enforce pattern multiples by an LP-procedure. It yields optimal plans for both machines: the winder slitting a jumbo and the cutter rewinding narrow, final reels. Parameters can be changed to explore alternatives and to focus on total cost rather than on stock usage.

Keywords: Cutting stock problem, Deckling, Two-machine optimization

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