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Technical papers and articles which have appeared in TAPPSA Journal

(arranged in order of date of appearance)

January 2007

Johan Dahlbom. Effects of non process elements in the chemical recovery system of a kraft pulp mill and integrated pulp and paper mills originating from the incineration of biological sludge in the recovery boiler

Heikki Imeläinen, Mauri Loukiala and Urpo Launonen. Lime kiln optimization: Managing the inputs to stabilize the outcome

Fredrik Lundqvist, Harald Brelid, Anna Saltberg, Göran Gellerstedt and Per Tomani. Removal of non-process elements from hardwood chips prior to kraft cooking

Marie Guillaume-Signoret. Developing uses for sugar cane bagasse: Biotechnology applied to the paper industry

March 2007

Maria C Area and Fernando E Felissia. Bleaching Eucalyptus grandis kraft pulps using a short TCF sequence

Jukka Puhakka and Ossi Tolonen. On-line alkali measurement and control of the causticizing process

May 2007

Adriaan van Heiningen. Converting a kraft pulp mill into an integrated forests products refinery

JULY 2007

Derek D Airey SO2 reductions at a chemical dissolving pulp mill

Pekka Komulainen, Heikki Mustalahti, Jaakko Rintamäki, Urpo Launonen - Using online porosity analyser for process and quality control

Marc Sabourin, Johann Aichinger, Ryno Eksteen - Minimizing TMP Energy Consumption using a Combination of Chip Pre-treatment, RTS and Multiple Stage Low Consistency Refining


Georges Joris - Industrial Refining Process versus Theory

Sung-Hsuen Chao, Laurent Vermeire and Torolf Laxen - Understanding the Foaming and Dynamic Behaviour of Black Liquor Components


Christine Chirat, Dominique Lachenal, Shree Prakash Mishra, Raphaël Passas, Flora Ludovina, Bertine Khelifi - Effect of Ozone on Papermaking Properties and Fibre Morphology

Bernard Brochier - Better Understanding of Ozonation during Bleaching Processes



Mousa M. Nazhad - Effect of recycling on paper properties

Hans U. Suess - Chromophores in Aged Hardwood Pulp – Their Structure and Degradation Potential


MARCH 2008

Sandeep Jain, Gérard Mortha, Nicolas Bénattar, Christophe Calais - Critical assessment on modelling of Elemental chlorine free bleaching sequence

MAY 2008

Klaus Niemelä, Tarja Tamminen and Taina Ohra-aho - Black liquor components as potential raw materials

Dr.-Ing. Eduard Davydenko and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Walter Gnilke - Optimization of board calendering based on analytical methods

Derek G. Gray, Morag Weller, Nilgun Ulkem and Agnès Lejeune - Interpretation of XPS composition data for extractive-free pulp surfaces

July 2008

A. Isiklar, L. Aydin, D. Mainardi and O. Lopez - Energy savings in tissue production process: the case of the Hayat Tissue Mill in Turkey.

Johan Jansson, Freddie Grobler and Erik Dahlquist - Model based control and optimization of continuous digester

September 2008

Monica Ek, Sigbritt Karlsson, Pedro Fardim, Sirkka Liisa Maunu, Pertti Nousiainen, Matti Siika-Aho and Pernilla Walkenström - New Cellulose Derivatives from Wood for High Value Products

O. D. Oricho, L. Etiégni, B. O. Orori, K. Ofosu-Asiedu, K. Senelwa and F. G. Mburu - Decolourization of a paperboard factory effluent in Kenya using Elcas method

November 2008

Jessica Holmback, Andrey Pranovich, Markku Auer and Bjarne Holmbom - Influence of knotwood extracts on formation of hexanal in paper

Johannes Bogrena, Harald Brelida and Hans Theliandera - Evaluating reaction kinetic models using well-defined kraft delignification data

Norbert Schall, Ellen Krüger, Rainer Blum and Martin Rübenacker - Polymers on a polyvinylamine basis improve dry strength of packaging papers

March 2009

Liro Pulkkinen, Juha Fiskari, Ville Alopaeus - The effect of sample size and shape on the hygroexpansion coefficient - A study made with advanced methods for hygroexpansion measurement.

Farshad Sarkhosh - Soda - AQ pulping of wheat straw and its blending effect on old corrugated cardboard (OCC) pulp properties.


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