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TAPPSA National conference & exhibition

Day 1 Session 1
Dinga Mncube Leveraging the industry’s green credentials Presentation
Paolo Gianadda Selling the Paper Story – A strategic initiative for our industry Presentation
Mikko Osara Energy saving solutions for the wet end Presentation
Day 1 Session 2
Ursula Henneberry Waste Management Legislation and how it could affect the paper industry Presentation
Datta Kuvalekar Maximising Drying rate through automation Presentation
Wade Edwards Treatment of Recycled Paper Mill effluent using Membrane Bioreactors – Nampak Tissue Case Study Presentation
Mandy Coppes Income Generation through the Utilization of Natural Resources and Archival Paper Production Presentation
Day 1 Session 3
Johann Gorgens Affect that a bio-refinery will have on the sustainability of the paper industry of the future Presentation
Iain Kerr A Cleaner Production Project in the SA paper industry – Lessons learnt Presentation
Paolo Momo Optimisation Principles of Energy Consumption in the press section Presentation
Crystal Steel Influence of enzymes on refining of eucalyptus pulp Presentation
Day 1 Session 4
Jane Molony The Changing Face of the Pulp & Paper Industry Presentation
Ciska Terblanche Carbon trading projects and climate change issues Presentation
Peter Wheeler Advances in microbiological control on Paper Machines Presentation
Day 2 Session 1
Gladys Naylor Environmental Legislation in SA Presentation
Jimmy Pauck Using Statistical Experimental Design Techniques to determine the optimum conditions of the control of flotation deinking of office waste grades Presentation
Edouard Volton Novel Cellulose-based Detackifier for Efficient Pulp Mill Pitch Control Presentation
Alexis Metais Light ECF Bleaching – why implementing green bleaching pracites is a real plus for pulp production Presentation
Bruce Strong Sustainability in Pulp & Packaging (VERBAL PRESENTATION GIVEN)  
Day 2 Session 2
Brendon Palmer Comparative Refining Characteristics of Northern & Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft Species Presentation
Shane Capazorio Fibre Modification Enzymes Presentation
Bruce Sithole The Biorefinery Concept Presentation
Mike Trulock Challenge of skills development & retention in the Pulp & Paper Industry Presentation
Day 2 Session 3
Emile van Zyl Next generation technologies for biofuels / bioenergy production in Southern Africa Presentation
Ulf Stenbacka New Micropolymers tech for increased drainage & retention for both wood & non wood containing furnishes Presentation
Michael Elsey New advances in effective metals management Presentation
Kari Liukko Rapid Thermal Processions (RTP) : A proven pathway to second generation biofuels Presentation