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TAPPSA is an internationally respected association which covers the whole process chain from forest to converted product in Southern Africa. It organises conferences, workshops and discussion groups, produces a bimonthly technical magazine and maintains its own web site.

TAPPSA's major international conference and exhibition, "TAPPSA National Conference and Exhibition" (previously known as African Pulp and Paper Week) is generally held every two years in South Africa.

TAPPSA also hosts a smaller conference for its members each year, held in the breathtaking Drakensberg mountains - a World Heritage Site.

The principal objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • To further the application of the sciences in the pulp, paper and allied industries.
  • To provide means for the interchange of ideas upon scientific and technical matters affecting the industry.
  • To encourage and promote education in the science and technology of pulp and paper manufacture use.
  • To encourage and promote investigation and research into the manufacture and use of pulp and paper.
  • To arrange for the collection and dissemination of information appertaining to the industry in southern Africa and elsewhere, and for the presentation, discussion and publication of papers or other contributions submitted to the Association.
  • To promote co-operation with kindred associations in this and other countries.
  • To promote professional and social interaction amongst members.
  • Structure
    The structure is a simple tier system with overall control from a National Executive Committee, being fed down to Regional Committees who handle local matters.

    Events such as conferences, exhibitions, workshops and discussion groups are organised on both a national and regional level.

    National Executive Committee
    Composed of members from the Regional Committees based on a proportional membership basis, plus nominated members and the National Organiser.

    Regional Committees
    Composed of elected members from the region, with the facility to co-opt members as required.